mike-l“I’m not new to healings. I’ve been on this path for a long time. But I’ve never met someone as on point as Rebecca French. She doesn’t specialize in past-life work, or physical healing, or emotional healing, or even limiting beliefs — she does it all. And that’s what makes her so powerful. She can tune in to whatever blocks you have on any dimension and release them. But what really sets her apart is the in-depth analysis she sends after each session. I received several full pages of information about everything she experienced, what she cleared, and suggestions to continue healing moving forward. She’s like a healing doctor with a prescription to keep on healing. If you’re looking for more than a healer — if you’re looking for someone to partner with to blow through your blocks and empower you to be your best self — there isn’t a question. Rebecca French is the absolute best. Do yourself a favour and hire her right away before her rates double — and then hire her then too. ”
M. Iamele , USA
Author, Business Coach, and Clinical Herbalist.

C Spicer

My reading and healing package, just wow, lasting effects a month on…

4 weeks ago I went looking for a place of healing, an experience that would shake the constant tightness in my body, the confines of anxiety and the constant heavy I was feeling in my soul.

For 3 yrs I have struggled with extreme blood circulation problems, blood clots, low sodium levels, low blood pressure and low iron, having had a number of miscarriages over the yrs and as a surviving twin of my angel brother who passed in the womb guilt and anxiety had become my normal.
Living a busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, I was running on a physical and emotional empty tank. These were symptoms of spiritual and emotional blocks that have now been energetically cleared from head to toe and most importantly heart to mind.

For the first time in yrs I have not had even one cramp, no pins and needles, no light headed spins, my anxiety has become slim to none and when it does rear its head I am now aware of self and ego that these moments pass quickly where days and weeks of anxiety on end was my life it is no longer.
It took me 4 weeks to write this because I wanted to be certain it was the healing, I wanted to be sure to follow my self care spiritual journey to allow myself the opportunity to see the lasting effect Rebecca’s guided healing has afforded me and for her gentle and loving approach I am truly and forever grateful.

I hope this detailed feedback which even she may still be shocked to read about might be a testament to Rebecca’s purpose of healing, love and light.
There was Rebecca my friend, waiting in the wings who said. “I thought you would never ask.” I mean Who would have thought that life would place earth angels in your path that simply wait to be asked to share their loving and healing purpose with you.

My experience with Rebecca, was pure, genuine and organic. She gave me a clear understanding of what would happen, how to prepare and also self care tips for after my healing which would align with my spiritual health up keep.

Rebecca writes her readings and healings in detail and sends them to you immediately. The best part is, even weeks later I have been able to refer back to what was cleared that day because of her well detailed report and even now it’s still all coming together and making more sense to me day by day.

Thank you….
C. Spicer, Sydney, Australia

Chara ArmonMy Angelic Healing session with Rebecca was a beautiful gift.  She showed herself to be generous in her care for her clients and gifted in accessing angelic assistance.  She also was thoughtful in her description of what she experienced during my remote session, what the angelic guides wished to communicate to me, and how I could continue to benefit from the session.  Her assessment of both my challenges and strengths matched, yet also built on, my own awareness.  I believe Rebecca has much to offer to her clients.”
C. Armon, U.S.A.

melissa-mRebecca did a healing session on my son yesterday to help him feel safe in his physical body. I could see things were happening immediately! He was complaining of back pain and when I read her report she talked about a big block in his lower back – exactly where he said the pain was! Also I was really impressed with the detailed report that came shortly after the healing. It is obvious to me that Rebecca is a professional that takes her work seriously.
Thank you so much Rebecca. M. Marsden, New Zealand

lynn-louiseRebecca is a gifted intuitive and healer! She provided me an angel card reading that was incredibly accurate and perfectly timed. Her reading spurred me to take a leap and begin offering my own spiritual gifts to the world more widely and I am so grateful. The reading was soft yet very direct and highly encouraging as well as right on point.
Lynn Louise Wonders, USA. Spiritual Counsellor and Holistic Wellness Coach

Rebecca’s unique gift of healing and her generosity and genuine care make her the perfect resource to compliment your healing journey. She has made so many thoughtful, accurate and well timed gifts for myself and my family and is very much appreciated and respected. Her intuition is finely tuned and the outcomes of her distance healing is amazing, a true gift. This wonderful woman is a treasure!
K Worsnop-Niejalke, TAS, Australia

Your healing on the 13th came at the perfect time! The energies you channelled were so spot on. I had some throat issues and even though I didn’t know you were doing the healing that evening I had suddenly felt my neck free up completely and my throat issue subsided. About an hour later I checked my emails and there was your message to say you felt you had to do the healing session that evening. Thank you for following your inner guidance!! All you had reported in the healing summary resonated with me. I had been feeling and thinking about my inner child i.e. having fun and stepping back from some areas in my life, I’m very grateful you confirmed all this for me with details that I really needed to hear. I am really looking forward to going through the yearly forecast Crystal Card reading you have done for me too.
D Marcellino, NSW, Australia. Meditation Facilitator dianavmarcellino@gmail.com

I just experienced my first ever distance energy healing…something I would not have agreed to a few years ago, but WOW! What Rebecca said about what was going on for me was uncannily true and it’s unbelievable that I could feel it but wasn’t aware of what was happening. I have so much more clarity around this issue now, and I am so excited, looking forward to what comes next. Thanks Rebecca, you truly have a gift worth sharing.
A McDonald Qld, Australia. Naturopath

Rebecca has been a dear friend my entire life. We live half a world away from each other now and it’s astounding how in tune she can be to my kids and I even from such a distance. (One of whom she has never even met!) She was able to see what was going on when my kids had issues, so that I could open my eyes and strategize how to approach the issues. She was also able to see things within me that I had never shared with anybody. Amazing.
L Davis, USA. PICU Nurse

melodyThis wonderful lady is truly amazing. She couldn’t have been more spot on with my healing. I woke up feeling all kinds of positive vibes and radiant energy after being cleared of all the blockages that have built up over the years. Thank you again, Rebecca for your kind words, encouragement, guidance and all your work on me. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who needs a good cleanse on their mind and body. A gentle soul doing good for this world. I’ll definitely be a regular.
M Lalor

This was my first ever reading and I found it to be insightful & affirming. I was overwhelmed by how accurate, detailed and meaningful the message was to me. It definitely exceeded all of my expectations. Most importantly, reading her words has set me on a path of healing and self-love. Thank you for the wonderful reading – it is something I will always refer back to in times of doubt & darkness. M. Nguyen, Australia
I was so blown away by the accuracy, detail and honesty that Rebecca channelled. This is the best channelled information I’ve ever received.
L Riemann, NSW Australia

4129732“I first signed up to work with Rebecca when she offered a “mini” angel card reading. What I got back was amazingly in-depth and immediately useful. It was far more than a mini-reading, yet Rebecca did not hesitate to provide me with pages of written information that were gentle, inspiring, and insightful. Based on her above-and-beyond reading, I had Rebecca do a clearing for my son. Again, the information I received was tremendously helpful (and also quite lengthy). More importantly, it was clear her work had an immediate and beneficial impact on my son.

Rebecca has a true gift, and receives spot-on, relevant, and comforting messages from her “team.” I can’t wait to hire her to do a clearing on me too!

If you have found this site, trust that you’re in the right place and that you will benefit greatly from working with Rebecca. She’s the real deal.”
Alison Morris
EFT Practitioner and Host

When I was having trouble and feeling down about my prospects of conceiving I reached out to Rebecca to help me through that time. I had never received a healing before so wasn’t sure what to expect. Rebecca made it so clear on what would happen, her purpose and what I should expect. After the healing was complete she sent me the loveliest, most comprehensive run down of the time, energy and love she had spent on me and was so specific about what the healing she performed which I loved. As it turns out, I have a healthy little one on the way now and I’m so grateful to Rebecca for her kind and gentle healing during my journey here.
A.W, Australia

I had my healing with Rebecca French a while ago and I took some time to absorb what came up, and to see what occurred in the time that followed. Rebecca tapped into me remotely and I wasn’t aware that the healing had taken place until afterwards. In perfect timing, the healing had taken place during a time that I was very much needing it! She sent me a long and detailed report of what came up during the healing and what to expect afterwards. She didn’t know very much about what I had been through with miscarriages and IVF prior to the healing but the report hit home for sure. Rebecca had told me that my periods might change and they did – I think my period disappeared for a couple of months! Also my mood swings and cramps have been easier! I received much needed clarity as well as healing. Rebecca provided a huge amount of support after the healing with detailed notes that I can go back to and still learn from even months after the healing took place, and very kindly responded to my (many!) questions. I would definitely recommend Rebecca and would sign up again for another session too.

M Singhal, New York, USA

“Rebecca generously stepped in on an emergency basis to assist my son when he had had a fever for four days and was developing worsening respiratory symptoms that were beginning to sound like bronchitis or pneumonia.  He had already visited the pediatrician and we had been told we would have to wait out the virus, but his respiratory symptoms were becoming concerning.  Rebecca reported to me that she was able to ‘put out the flames’ of fever that she saw surrounding him and described in detail a past-life connection that was increasing the intensity of this virus.  She also described, very accurately, present-time personality traits in my son that are linked to this past-life experience.  I was amazed at her accuracy because she knew nothing about my son except his name and age.  The past-life information helped make sense of why this virus was so fierce and also is assisting me in understanding some aspects of my son’s personality.  But our immediate effects of Rebecca’s energy work were just as impressive: my son slept through the night, awoke without a fever, attended school the next day and felt well, and that evening was strong enough to play in his baseball team’s final championship game of the season, which they won!  In a tender time of my son’s final week of school and the baseball season, and after days of fever, Rebecca’s emergency healing was such a gift.  It was exactly the help we needed and made such a huge difference.”

Helen Tiemann, USA