How Intuitive Healing Works



What is a healing?

I work by clearing the energy blocks which have formed as a result of your past experiences. These blocks can manifest as physical, emotional or mental ailments or a feeling that things just aren’t as they should be, that you aren’t living as your true self. This energetic release can ease many layers of blockage from current or past lifetimes so you can step peacefully into your true power. It’s time to let go of what was, embrace what is, and stand empowered in your life purpose. Your healing is not only for the benefit of you, but for everyone as a whole, because you and only you have a special gift to offer the world. I will help you unlock this treasure.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is looking for help in letting go of their past so they can heal today. Indications/signs that you need healing could manifest as:
• pain and discomfort
• mental health issues such as depression and anxiety
• low self-esteem and self-worth
• past or present emotional or physical trauma or abuse
• disconnection or disempowerment
• absence of purpose in life

I work with people of all ages from newborns up to the young at heart.

“ I’ve never met someone as on point as Rebecca French. She can tune in to whatever blocks you have on any dimension and release them. But what really sets her apart is the in-depth analysis she sends after each session. I received several full pages of information about everything she experienced, what she cleared, and suggestions to continue healing moving forward. If you’re looking for more than a healer — if you’re looking for someone to partner with to blow through your blocks and empower you to be your best self — there isn’t a question. Rebecca French is the absolute best. Do yourself a favour and hire her right away before her rates double — and then hire her then too. ”



You will receive an email when I start the healing; there is no need to book a time. As all the work I do is directed by my connection to Spirit, I will be guided as to the ideal time to perform your healing. We trust that the timing is always perfect; time and time again, people are amazed at just how true this statement is. Usually, the healing occurs within four to six weeks of the payment being received unless it’s an urgent situation.

During an energetic clearing session, you may feel lightheaded, tingling, and/or hot or cold sensations. It is normal to feel emotional or teary after blocked energy is cleared away or you may feel nothing at all – everyone is different and therefore all feelings are normal. To let the healing integrate, go with the flow of what you feel and follow the recommendations provided.

There is no need to book an appointment, as I will be guided to perform your healing at the most ideal time for you.

Prices are in US Dollars

I blend my scientific background (I hold a BSc in Biology and Psychology as well as a Diploma of Education in Science) with my spiritual calling, and merge them both into my unique healing practice. With the help of many in the spirit realm such as archangels, ascended masters, shamans, departed loved ones, and my guides (collectively known as my spirit team), I provide clarity, joy and a lightness of being. Each session will be personally tailored to suit your needs and will involve a combination of:

  • Distance energy healing and clearing with my special healing spirit team
  • Crystal grids and crystal healing
  • A personalized healing meditation audio recording including some details of what occurred during the healing

To begin each session, I tune into your energy and channel a crystal grid unique to your healing needs. Next, I focus on your body’s energy. Where I see blocks, pain or imbalance in the energetic flow of your body or where there is a lack of communication between areas of your body, I work with my spirit team to clear the energy that is ready to move on. I do this as gently as possible, and then heal your body from head to toe. Each healing is unique to you, your needs, and what you are ready to release in that moment.

Divine energy represents many aspects of life including restoration, life, renewal, creation, healing, receptivity, intuition, nurturing, wisdom, love, understanding, compassion, insight, forgiveness, connection, and harmony. It is understandable that in today’s world, many of us have blocked this energy in order to cope with our past experiences and our modern day life. Healing blocks can clear the path for this energy to emerge because in order to allow it to surface and be expressed in its own unique ways, we first need to heal it within ourselves.

What you’re ready for is a way to rise –

  • a way to use your inner power to push to the surface in all your radiance
  • a way to heal and wash away the adversity in your life
  • a way to awaken the divine energy within
  • a way to find peace and ease, so you can connect back to your soul path