Energy Healing Sessions


What is included?

All healings (except the “Heal Me Quick”) come with:

  • An intensive energetic healing session using a crystal grid (performed by distance)
  • An audio recording which will contain a unique blend of a personalized healing meditation and details of what came up during the healing, including any messages and recommendations from your guides. This meditation will contain vibrations specific to your healing needs and can be listened to as often as you wish after the healing.
  • 1 follow-up email to answer any questions you may have about the healing session or summary


Intuitive Energy Healing

Children do not need to be made aware of the healing occurring and it can happen at the parent’s discretion. However, a personalized healing meditation specific to the child will be recorded for them to listen to after the event to continue the healing process.

Intuitive Healings are safe and effective for all ages. If you wish to book one for yourself, please use the “adult” button below.


“Rebecca did a healing session on my son yesterday to help him feel safe in his physical body. I could see things were happening immediately! He was complaining of back pain and when I read her report she talked about a big block in his lower back – exactly where he said the pain was! Also I was really impressed with the detailed report that came shortly after the healing. It is obvious to me that Rebecca is a professional that takes her work seriously. Thank you so much Rebecca.”


Heal Me Quick!

This healing is for those who know the healing works and just want it done! You get the same awesome healing as above, just without the crystal grid photo and personalized meditation summary. Instead, you will receive a short (maximum 1 page) email outlining your healing process and any important recommendations.

Pet Healing

I will connect with your pet’s energy, remove any energy blocks and make any recommendations for further action to assist in their healing. If your pet wishes to share any messages with you, they will be included in the write up. Write up is typically 1-2 pages (healing does not include a crystal healing grid).


“When Rebecca told me that her work with my dog was her first focused energy session with a pet, I was amazed: her insights were so accurate, specific, and helpful that I would have assumed she had worked with companion animals for years. Rebecca connected easily and deeply to my dog, identified dietary and chemical-exposure issues I had been suspecting, performed some clearing energy work related to my dog’s health problems, and offered suggestions about ways I can support my dog’s health more strongly. In addition to feeling personally supported and less concerned about my dog after this session, I also feel confirmed in my intuition and more confident about trusting my intuition about my dog’s well-being. Rebecca helped us a lot and I am so grateful.”

Statement of Ethics: I am here to serve my clients’ needs and will treat everyone with respect, regardless of race, religion, gender or orientation. I represent myself and my abilities with honesty. All healings and readings are confidential.

Disclaimer: By participating in and/or receiving my services, you acknowledge that I am not a doctor, lawyer, licensed psychologist, financial advisor, business consultant or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of attorneys, business consultants, financial advisors, psychologists, physicians, or other healthcare professionals. Intuitive healings or readings are in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counselling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. I will at all times exercise my best professional efforts, skills and care. However, I cannot guarantee the outcome of healings and/or recommendations on my website and my comments about the outcome are expressions of intuitive guidance only. I cannot make any guarantees other than to deliver the intuitive services purchased as described.