The Divine Balancing Act Retreat

We are living in a time when balance is more important than ever before. Balance in relationships personal time, social responsibility, divine vs human etc.

This balance has been out of whack for generations if not centuries.

The Divine Masculine energy has ruled for so long, it’s often hard to imagine a life where Divine Feminine rules.  However, that is not what the Earth needs right now either.

Too much of one side causes imbalance.

What we require is the two sides working together. To unify our energy field for the greater good.

No longer do we need to be solo vigilantes. We need to work together as a community (Divine Feminine energy) and establish an order to that community (Divine Masculine energy) to create the peaceful, loving, self-less world we all desire.

This retreat is focused on releasing the outdated model of the old way of thinking in our cellular memories. And, in turn, embracing and reprogramming our bodies for the new heaven and earth model of inclusion, love, tolerance, peace and togetherness.

Are you with us in this goal?

Then join us on Thursday, July 12th until Sunday July 15th for an online retreat like no other.

Daily meditations each morning and evening, downloads, healing vibrations and group coaching calls daily.

During these calls, we’ll all work together to bring the world peace for the greater good.

This retreat also includes two follow up coaching calls and/or meditations after the retreat, later in July/August.

As with all my online retreats, this one also comes with a private FB group where we’ll share our feelings and healing together,

a booklet to focus your thoughts before and during the retreat and plenty of loving support.

I’d love to see you there if this speaks to you.

Much love and angel blessings,