Abundance Energy Virtual Retreat

Have you ever dreamed of what life would be like if you were immersed in Abundance energy? If everything you needed to be comfortable, healthy and happy was at your fingertips?

Have you encountered people who offer to clear your abundance blocks, visit your akashic records, or assist you in reworking your finances in order to live this life of freedom?

What if I told you it was easier than that? That you have done nothing “wrong” (in this life or a past one) that needs to be fixed. Rather, what you need is to align your energy with the energy of prosperity, love and light and then allow the abundance to flow towards you.

It’s a change in your state of mind. Your state of being.  Eight is the number of no beginning and no end, so it’s often associated with abundance, which means 2018 is a great year to overcome your fears and open to allow the flow to occur.

Where would you like to experience abundance in your life?  With an abundance of health, joy, love, laughter, and yes, many of us would like an abundance of wealth too! It’s not wrong, bad, worldly or materialistic to want all your needs to be provided for.

Many people I work with who wish for money abundance, don’t want to buy a flashy car or fancy home (although, those are okay to dream of too). They want it to be able to have a home where their family is comfortable and happy, to stop arguing about money with their partner, to feel supported, safe and accepted.  And yes, the odd holiday would be nice too. 🙂

Join us for a weekend of blasting away old thoughts around abundance and tuning in to and allowing the abundance energy to become a part of your energy field so you can fly!

This weekend takes place from the comfort of your own home. We’ll all be online together, all over the globe!

We use Zoom, a video conferencing program which is free to you, in order to see each other (if you wish) as we work through angelic guidance, channelled meditations and group intuitive coaching calls.  You will be given the opportunity to ask your own questions of myself and my Spirit team at many of the events, kind of like a big Divine Energy group coaching session.

All meetings will be recorded so you can watch them after the event has ended or if you miss an event in the schedule.

There will also be a private Facebook group where we can come together to share our reflections, ideas, struggles and triumphs.  Card and crystal readings will also be offered here. So if you aren’t a Facebook user, be sure to let me know so you can be included via personal message.

You’ll be sent an Abundance Energy retreat booklet which you can work through before and during the retreat, (so be sure to click on the button that asks if you wish to be added to the mailing list).

Are you ready to allow abundance energy to find you, to become a part of your energy field? Then if so, join us by signing up below.

This retreat is offered with an “Honesty System” where you can invest in the weekend what your finances allow and/or what you feel this weekend will be worth to you.

For those who are able to contribute the full value of the retreat, I will include a bonus gift of your own personalized healing meditation as channelled from my Spirit Team, recorded specifically to assist you in moving through this time in your life (recordings will be completed after the retreat to allow maximum impact).

Any questions, just fill out the Contact form on this website.

We look forward to seeing you on February 16-18, 2018

(Note: Space will be limited to maximum of 20 people in order to maintain a cohesive group atmosphere, registrations after that will be placed on a waiting list or money refunded)

Feedback from the other retreats:

A lovely weekend that left me uplifted, inspired, and feeling connected and supported. Rebecca is a warm and generous guide who made sure everyone who participated felt safe, included, and valued. Her incredible gift of channelling messages from angels, guides, and more — plus wonderful connections with the others on the retreat — made it a truly transformational experience. I’m already looking forward to the next one! A. Morris, USA

A retreat with a difference. An amazing gathering where we connected and learnt more about self-care and took our abilities on a new level. We released, created and took steps towards being more creative and intuitive towards our passion and purpose. I felt nourished and uplifted in so many ways. T. Morcom,  Australia

I loved that I learnt new things and uncovered layers. I know a lot of “spiritual stuff” so to speak so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually got out of this retreat.  The unfolding has been in depth, intricate, multilayered and I’ve found crevices of myself that I didn’t even know existed.  I have a lot to work on over the next few months as I unpack all that I’ve learnt in this weekend.  I’ve uncovered amazing depths to my soul.  L. Riemann, Australia


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