I choose to be unstoppable

This quote stood out to me this morning when reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” book.

“My fear always made predictably boring decisions, like a choose- your- own- ending book that always had the same ending: nothingness”

This is SO true. When we let fear run our lives, nothing happens. We choose the safe option or do nothing at all, and nothing changes. And yet, it’s still hard to move forward sometimes. I’ve had many fears that have held me back in the past and sometimes still raise their ugly heads.

Fear of not being good enough, fear of being seen, fear of not being good enough, fear of what others will think, fear of change itself, fear of not being good enough, fear of what’s on the other side of change, and so on.

The thing with fear, it’s not going to go away, we need to keep practicing overcoming it, not letting it control us and allow ourselves to experience new things.

I have a fear of calling places when I’m not sure who will answer the phone or what their response will be to my question or if I’ll know what to say to explain myself in a way they’ll know what I need. And yet, I’ve had to do that over and over and over again this month in order to achieve something that is super important to me. I’ve spent days NOT calling and sending emails instead when I could get away with it. I know part of this is the fear of new beginnings…knowing that the result of these calls will be the start of a big change for our family and more importantly, a huge change for me.

But it’s worth it. It’s worth stopping my favourite thing: “avoidance cleaning”. Man is my house clean and organized when I’m not wanting to do something!

This new start will be exciting. But I had to learn to fight for it first, to allow myself this change, to learn that change is okay. I really despise all the cliche terms that I learned when I trained as a Life Coach for a big Personal Development company, but the one screaming at me now is “feel the fear and do it anyway”. In this case, this is what is required.

What really helped me too was people on my case asking if I had heard from these companies I was supposed to call. Each time they asked was a reminder for me to get my butt in gear and make the call, follow up, nag if need be!

So this is me, reminding you.

Overcome your fear.

Do something, one something today towards something you’ve been putting off due to fear, worry, feeling unsure.

Do it!

And then report back and let me know how it felt and what changed.

I’m here for you!

Following your passion and purpose versus the numbers game.

Recently, I noticed that I had the most followers I’ve ever had on Instagram after posting a recent healing crystal grid and my new Metatron’s cube tattoo. I was so excited to be reaching more people with the message of acceptance, higher vibration, spirituality and love.

Then today I woke up to find I’d lost over 10 followers overnight after posting a picture yesterday of me and a yummy green smoothie! The fastest I’ve lost this many followers. 


What did I do? I kinda laughed actually, I mean, what can people have against green smoothies and realistically, they could have left for any reason, not because of that particular picture. I find people follow and unfollow on Instagram faster than on any other social media site I’ve belonged to, and it’s often just to get you to follow them or promote their biz. 

In the past, gaining or losing followers was just like gaining or losing weight for me. I let the numbers I saw on a screen influence how my mood went for that day.
Gain a follower, celebrate…loose a pound or two, have a dance party.
Lose a follower or gain weight and I was a bit despondent, discouraged and wondering “what did I do wrong”?

Can you relate?

The numbers game shouldn’t determine if we follow our true passion and purpose. It shouldn’t determine if we have a great day or not. Too many times, I speak to other small business owners who are playing the numbers game. Worried about how they can reach more people or almost bragging when they have more followers than others. 

The new me couldn’t give a damn. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I adore my loyal tribe who are more like family and friends than “followers” in my heart, and I welcome new people with open arms. We are all in this thing called life together. We have a choice of supporting one another to be the best we can be, or we can try to knock others off the ladder of life we are climbing in an effort to get above them. 

I choose support. I choose love. I choose to love myself every day, no matter who comes or goes. I choose to support you to be your best version of yourself and to follow your passion and purpose.
Coming from a place of love and support is what has inspired me to create the most wonderful Virtual retreat you’ll ever find here in internet land. My spirit guides are eager to share so much with us and to help us to remove our old energies which hold us back from being our best version of ourselves.
If you’d like to join us, there’s still time to register.

We’d love to see you there where we will all help each other to find our Pure Heart’s purpose. xx


Good Little Church Girl Ascends- Book Release!

I’m so excited to share this autobiography meets self-help book with you. It’s in e-book format on Amazon Kindle at the moment and will be available in paperback soon.

Amazon Australia

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For other countries, please search on the book title or my full name Rebecca Louise French.



Rebecca has been a good little church girl for most of her life, since her mother brought her into the church at age five. Being socially awkward and somewhat of a misfit within society, she found refuge in the church and a place where she felt people accepted her for who she was- a place she could be “herself”. However, as the years passed, something deep inside her didn’t feel quite right.  The quiet unrest she felt churning within her stomach became harder to ignore.

Searching for answers to the questions within was not always easy and with suicidal thoughts and being sexually assaulted, at times it was quite harrowing.

However there always seemed to be an angel beside Rebecca gently guiding her, lighting the way.

Join Rebecca as she shares her incredible life story of how she made the gradual and life changing decision to move from religion to spirituality.  Learn how this one woman was able to find joy, love, peace, self-acceptance and most importantly, the truth within.

Please note, this book is not about condemning or judging organized religion or the people therein.

For those who are unsure, confused or bitter about the religion you are a part of or were once a part of, this book is most certainly for you.

If you’ve never been a part of a religious body and you are simply searching for answers on your own life journey, this book is also for you as you discover your truth within.




“This is a beautiful story of transformation from ideology and suppression in the form of an extremely conservative Christian religious denomination to enlightenment and freedom in the form of spirituality. Rebecca’s story could be sad and depressing, yet what she learned later led her to see the gift in what she had gone through, allowed her to forgive and move on with her life, and produced an extraordinarily talented and intuitive (not to mention kind and compassionate) person who excels as a healer and as a channel of comfort and wisdom from our guides and angels.” Jammer

“This book is life changing! A story of a journey from religion, depression, ill health to self knowledge and enlightenment. Thank you! Thank you!” K. Niejalke

“Thanks Rebecca for exposing your soul in these pages. Your journey is an example or courage, trust and transformation. I enjoyed reading it!!!” R. Giordano
“Rebecca has managed to touch my heart in a way I never thought possible. She allows her reader to divulge into her experiences, exposing us to some of the most raw, powerful and beautiful times of her life. Her intuition and insight is remarkable. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing these times with her and feel honoured to have read this.”  Amazon Customer
“Please do yourselves a favour and download and read this incredible true story about Rebecca’s life journey. It is interesting, inspiring, heart warming and a real reminder to us all that we have what it takes within us to handle all life throws at us.” Amazon Customer


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About the Author


Rebecca Louise French is an Intuitive Healer, Coach and Author.  She assists clients around the world not only to heal, but to connect with their own inner knowing.  With a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology and a Diploma of Education, she combines her unique blend of scientific background and over 10 years as a classroom teacher with her expertise in Reiki, crystal and energy healing, angel communication, metaphysics and life coaching.  Gentle compassion and a grounded calmness characterize her work.

She has appeared in international telesummits and continues to participate in speaking engagements in both personal development and spiritual fields.

Those who seek assistance from Rebecca thank her for the acuity of her insight, her detailed suggestions for moving forward, and the peace, clarity and lightness of heart they feel after a session with her.

Rebecca assists people of all ages and backgrounds and is especially passionate about helping women and those who have left organized religion.  She has expertise in supporting women who, like herself, have experienced abuse and/or depression.  She is also committed to empowering anyone who has made the decision to move away from religion and is looking for support in finding who they really are when the confines of the church fall away.

As the creator of the life changing “A Year of Healing- Year 1 and 2” channeled meditation e-courses  and the “Finding the Truth Within” religious recovery e-course (coming soon!), Rebecca welcomes you to delve deeper at www.rebeccalfrench.com

Born in Canada, Rebecca has oscillated between living in Canada, England and Australia for most of her life.  She has now, hopefully, settled in Canada once and for all.  She resides just off the west coast of Canada, enjoying the island lifestyle with her Aussie husband and two awesome sons.  They hope to add to the family soon, in the form of a furry family member.

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Staying in the present

I was doing some automatic writing this week and the statement below came through loud and clear. It made me think, what if this is the question I asked myself each morning, each moment when I was doubting myself, each time I felt overwhelmed, happy, sad, joyful or angry?

What would you give yourself in this present moment?



I give myself the gift of unconditional love, peaceful understanding and unending gratitude. Other times I give myself the gift of time to just be to just feel what I need to feel in that moment.

Please share with us below, what gift to you give yourself in this present moment?

Share with your friends and loved ones that they too may take time out to nurture themselves today.

Yours in never ending love and light,



Solar Plexus Healing Time

Are you having digestion/stomach/food issues right now? If so, know you aren’t alone and it is something energetic going on right now. I haven’t been hungry much the last 3 days and when I do eat I feel full almost right away to the point of too much. I’ve heard the same from others with upset stomachs, cramps and just a feeling of “yuckiness” when it comes to trying to eat.
Some of you may feel stuff coming up about self-worth and self-esteem which makes sense with the stomach being in the solar plexus area which deals with these emotions. Use the mantra below to help you move through these feelings.


The best advice I can give is to be gentle on yourself. Listen to your body, don’t eat because it’s dinner time or you think you should. Keep up the fluids and rest if you can, don’t give into the idea that you neeeeeed food to survive as right now, you may just need a break from digestion. Your body will let you know when you aren’t listening as you’ll have discomfort.

Sending hugs as we all move through this time. 


Donating hair to make wigs for kids in need

Often individuals wonder how they can make a difference in the world. One person can help change the world, one day at a time. Small efforts, big efforts, they all help!
I am so incredibly proud of my son for his efforts to make a difference by growing out his hair these past 3 years and now donating it to Angel Hair for Kids. Please consider donating to this worthy cause and share this message wide and far for us! You can read more about his journey and how he inspired me to grow my hair also by clicking on this link.  Donations can be made on the page up until November 30th 2016. After that time, please make your donations directly to Angel Hair for kids by visiting this website.

Even better one of the new purple love! Thanks hubby for coming home at the right moment. #liveyourpassion #beyourself #enjoylife #lifestooshort

And because I’ve never been all that creative with my hair colour over the years, I decided that while I had short hair, I could have some fun with the colour.  It’s amazing how using a “different” hair colour opens up (or closes down) conversations with strangers.  I’ve been stopped by people telling me how awesome they think my hair is, and I’ve had people turn up their noses and ignore me because of my colour! Yet again, discovering how we can judge others based on looks alone when it’s the person inside who matters the most. You can learn more about what my son and I learned about judgement by watching this short video which was recorded after we made the big chop!

The organization mentioned in this video is Angel Gowns or Angel Dresses (depending on the country where you live). I encourage you to google the place nearest you where you can donate your wedding dress. Here are two examples: Angel Gowns Australia and Angel Dresses BC, Canada  You may also wish to consider lending your skills in sewing if you don’t have a dress to donate. I believe they are always in need of more volunteers to make baby dresses.

We can all make a difference by reaching out to help others in need. If you know an organization that could use some volunteer time, energy or to raise awareness of their cause, please let us know in the comments.

Yours in love and light,


Recovering from the October Full Moon

Do you feel like the full moon this past weekend totally kicked your butt?
If so, you aren’t alone! It seemed like most of us went into some sort of hibernation of sorts, being as still and quiet as they could. Muscle aches and joint pains were quite normal as well as a feeling of just wanting to be left alone. We were processing a lot of past stuff that wanted to come up to be cleared once and for all, so hopefully, now this time has passed, you are starting to feel lighter and happier.

If relationships took a toll due to lack of patience, now is the time to forgive and move forward in love, knowing that it was the energy of the weekend full moon that heightened our sensitivity.

I wanted to make a special note about children during this time. As you know, many children today are much more energetically sensitive than we are. So while we felt joint pain and a bit introverted, they may have felt intense sadness or been prone to emotional outbursts.

Please remember, if you’re going through a rough weekend, your child may be feeling the same, if not more intense. So do your best to be more patient, more kind and more understanding. Lots of cuddle time was/is in order!

How can you help yourself to recover after the storm of the full moon? Practice loads of self-care: salt water baths with your favourite relaxing/cleansing essential oils, and perhaps even spoil yourself with some rose petals. Walks in nature will also assist with grounding and feeling more stable once again. This is something the entire family can do together. Let your little ones play in the dirt!

I gave my sensitive little one the option of choosing essential oils or some of my crystals and he asked for crystals to hug. I love how the ones which were chosen were zebra jasper and my gorgeous black and peach moonstone. Great energies for stabilising during the chaos.

Be gentle on yourself until you feel like the shift has occurred. I know for me, this was evident when yesterday morning, I woke up singing and in the evening, everything was so funny my husband and I were often in fits of giggles. May the lighter energy flow!

Sending you loads of love and forgiveness light for yourself and others.


Ride the Wave (of Ascension)

Life has contained quite a few extremes for many of us lately, from the highs of spiritual awareness to the lows of processing through energy that is painful or emotional to go through.   Many people believe that once we begin a journey of spiritual awakening that it’s all sunshine and rainbows, we feel fantastic all the time and the world is just one big ball of gorgeous sunshine and joy.  However, that isn’t always the case and it’s difficult to deal with the reality that along with the highs of discovering who we really are, we do have to heal from the energy of our past, or in fact, many past lives.

Now I’m no surfer, however I believe the process of a surfer catching a wave is so similar to the ups and downs of our ascension journey, that it’s worth exploring further.

This surfer catching a wave/ascension analogy is not all my own. It was an idea that was born from a channeled healing meditation from a spirit guide that came through as part of the A Year of Healing meditation course.  Then the amazing group of individuals that we have in this course started to discuss what this spirit guide had to share and the wave analogy gained momentum.

When we think about it, catching a wave isn’t all about adrenaline. It’s not always a fun ride and it doesn’t always go as predicted. In fact, I would venture to say that no two waves or surfers are alike, so each experience is completely different.

Let’s take a look at each stage of surfing and see how it relates to the ascension process.

Before getting started, we have to make the decision to take up surfing and learn how to do so.

Just as many surfers feel a strong pull to the ocean, in ascension, there is usually some trigger or life event which causes us to look at the world differently. We feel a pull to explore what we have experienced further.  It’s like we’ve dipped our big toe into the ocean, we can see some surfers in the distance and wonder how we may join them.

Perhaps we read some books, or a blog, about ascension or spirituality, consult a healer or other professional or a friend. We may get healings or start to attend a regular meditation classes. We may feel drawn to take some lessons in metaphysics, spirituality, healing and crystals.


Preparation ahead of time

A surfer doesn’t just grab a board and jump in the ocean. They take time to choose the right board , learn how to read the weather and surf conditions and prepare their body physically.

Likewise, we start to gather the tools and the equipment we will use to support us on our journey. Perhaps we look into crystals and essential oils, coaches, mentors or guides who share their knowledge and wisdom of what’s happening and how the energy is affecting us.

Then paddle out and wait.

For some, the decision to ascend may indeed not be a conscious one but the circumstances align to the point that we may find ourselves waist deep in the ocean of ascension without even thinking much about how we got there. For others, we have to make some effort, some physical contribution to getting where the waves are.

The waves don’t necessarily come when we expect them to, they don’t come when asked, we can’t “make” a perfect wave happen. Sometimes we may sit out in the ocean waiting for ages for waves to come and other times we may feel pummelled by so many coming at once. We don’t control the ocean and we have to go with the flow.

In ascension, we look to others and see they are riding waves of spirituality, perhaps they are receiving “downloads” or having healing episodes that help them to grow and we wonder when our wave/opportunity will come.

Catching and riding the wave

And the opportunity does come. Once the wave appears for us to ride, while we can use our skills to ride it, we are still at the mercy of the wave to some degree.  We can’t get it to change direction at our will and we can’t get it to slow down or speed up. However, we can control how we choose to ride it. We can use our skills and knowledge to navigate through the water and be sure our entire being is along for the ride.

When we are riding the wave, we can feel like our life is changing so dramatically we sometimes don’t even recognise ourselves.  As we stay the course, we develop the art of listening to our intuitive hits and ride the wave of inspiration to the point of writing books, healing others or sharing our intuitive ideas that help others along their journey. We feel the adrenaline rush that comes with riding this high vibrational energy and feel on top of the world. Our connection to Source energy seems stronger than ever.

The wave ends

At the end of the ride, we may get dumped and tumble under the water feeling like we are being tossed around unpredictably, or we may gracefully slide to the shore or experience something in between.

At times, a life event sends us into a tailspin, similar to getting dumped by that wave.  Or we ride an awesome wave of change and don’t want it to stop, feeling disappointed or unsure of ourselves when it does. We may think we are ready for more growth and then go through a time that really confuses us.  A time where we feel unmotivated, frustrated and like we are so stuck there is no light at the end of the tunnel. This stage really bothers me sometimes but now I see the pattern, I’m learning more about going with the flow and just allowing this rest period to happen.

The guides have revealed to me several reasons for this rest period.  More often than not, this rest period is a time of integration, a time where the huge wave of change that we just rode on a spiritual level needs to take the time to filter down to our bodies on a physical level. If we did everything all at once with no rest period, the effects on our body would be similar to a surfer who never takes a break. The body would shut down and/or be injured to force us to stop.




This time of rest has another purpose too.  It’s a time where we are storing up energy and giving our body a break. This enables us to make it through the next wave of ascension where we are learning, growing, facing challenges and overcoming them for our highest good, as we have the energy to make it through.

And lastly, this time of rest is a time of reflection. A time when we take a good hard look at ourselves, we may be triggered by certain people or situations and we release that unwanted energy in order to move forward lighter from having eased that burden of old energy from our body. We may learn more about ourselves during this time of stillness and reflection than we do during the busiest times of growth and connection to Source.  None of these reasons or experiences are better or worse than the other and in fact, they may all happen at the same time. It doesn’t matter why this period of rest is occurring, the trick is to listen to our intuition and inner guidance to see what our body and mind requires during the down time. This may include resting more often, cutting ourselves off from negative influences while we reflect on what we require to move forward, more grounding in nature and/or spending time focused solely on self-care.

Sometimes, it’s only in reflecting back during those times of rest that we see just how much change we experienced and how that wave impacted or inspired us to live life with a new perspective.

Choose to call it a day and quit or go back out and ride again. 

We can get discouraged by one bad ride or we can persist and stay out until our body tells us to stop.

Our awakening choice is this:  We can let the major change affect us and decide to stop the energy surfing trip. We can decide that this whole ascension journey isn’t for us and we just need a break. This is totally acceptable. We can decide to slow things down or even stop our journey if we need a break. Or maybe the major life change affects us so much we become jaded and think all this spiritual stuff is a crock of sh%t . I mean isn’t spirituality all about sunshine and rainbows?? What is this challenging time all about?

Self-doubts may creep in. We may wonder what we did wrong, or my personal favourite, we may judge ourselves and feel guilty about what we did or didn’t do in certain circumstances.  We may take time out to wallow in self-pity and feel rather sorry for ourselves. This too is okay as long as we don’t let it take over for too long.  Just like the surfer learns from the great rides, they also learn from the rides that didn’t go so well and apply what they learned the next time or seek guidance from someone more experienced. The key is to follow our heart and intuition to do what is best for us in each moment.


Alternatively, we can make the choice to just keep going. Keep asking our guides and angels for support and keep learning, growing and developing, waiting for that next wave to come and elevate us to the next level.  Because before we know it, the next wave will come along and we’ll be as ready as we can be for that ride! We can never predict or know for sure when it’ll come or what it will entail. However, we can guarantee that it’ll be the ride of our life and we’ll come out the other side a different person filled with more connection to ourselves and the collective Source energy.

If you feel you are sinking more often than riding a wave of energy, or if you are looking for a like-minded community to experience the waves with, we’d love to have you join us in the “A Year of Healing” channelled meditation course.  You can find more information here or contact us for more information.

I wish thank both our wonderful spirit guide known as “surfer dude” and the participants of the course who inspired this post. We’re all in this together and so grateful for all their support.  One of the members of this group wrote a blog detailing her experience in “riding the wave” which I enjoyed reading and wanted to share.

If you have an ascension experience you’d like to share below, please do! We’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to share this post with friends you feel may appreciate this message.

Yours in love and waves,


The Intuitive Child Summit Interview

I recently had the honour of being interviewed for the Intuitive Child Summit with Abby Gooch and wished to share it with you.

How often do we consider our inner child? How often do we really take the time to listen to our intuition instead of worrying about what logic or other people may dictate?

Take the time to watch this interview if these questions speak to you and share your thoughts below.

When have you listened to your intuition and had life change in the most amazing ways?

I’d love to hear from you!

In love and light,


Manifestation Energy

Manifesting is one of those controversial topics. Some people swear by it and others think it’s hogwash. The thing is it works both ways.  The way you think and act can determine what you experience in this lifetime. Focus on the negative, you attract more negative, focus on the positive and you’ll see more of that.

According to the astrology and energy right now this is a week of great manifesting.  Many people react to this message thinking they will attract an abundance of money or possessions, and maybe they will.  However, what I’d like to focus on is thinking about what you really want to experience, feel and be in your life.

I had a rather obvious lesson in this over the past couple of days that I thought I’d share with you by way of demonstration.

On the first day of my unknown lesson time, I was feeling rushed. I had a lot to do in a short time and an appointment I had to get to.  I raced out the door after being a bit cranky with my husband and drove to the local shops. All I could think about was how little time I had to get the errands done before my appointment and how I hate feeling rushed. Then the fun started. Firstly, the car in front of me was driving 60 km in an 80 km zone and every time the speed limit changed to 60 km, he went down to 40 km.   I could feel time slipping away and was getting more and more anxious about being late for the appointment.  Then, just up the road I saw the flashing lights of several cop cars. There had been an accident, so we slowed down some more to safely pass. When I finally got to the shops about 15 minutes later than it normally takes, I raced into the store. I had one thing to get, the people in front of me in line were buying up half the shop it seemed.  One cashier forgot some items and had to cancel the total and re-add stuff and the other one had a bag that ripped and she had to double bag and fuss around.  I couldn’t believe that so many things were happening to slow me down when I didn’t have the time to wait.  I got what I needed and rushed back to the car. On my way out of the parking lot a slow old man walked past my car taking what seemed like forever, and then a car ran a stop sign and nearly ran into me.  I was slowed down it seemed in every way possible.  I made it home with just 3 minutes to change and get ready to go out to my appointment and just made it on time feeling more flustered than I had when I left that morning.

Discover your infinite potential and start living it! A Year of Healing meditation course is life changing. Click on the link in my profile. #iaminfinite #iamwhole #gratitude #healingenergy #channelledmessage #downloads #divinefemininehealing #healme #ayearofhealing #archangelmichael #channelledmeditation #peace #changeisgood #lovealwayswins #loveyourself #speakfromtheheart #grounding #groundinginnature

On day two of my lesson, I woke up feeling so blessed to be in this beautiful part of the world.  The birds were singing, the sun was shining, it was a lovely warm day.  I was in no rush and was just happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine. As I drove to go to the post office, I noticed bald eagles flying overhead and a feeling of peace and calm washed over me.  On my way back home, I remembered I had to get some food from the same shops as mentioned above. I was in no hurry, enjoying the mountain views as I drove and thinking about how much I love our new home.  I arrived at the shops, got the couple of items we needed and drove back home. I couldn’t believe when I looked at the clock that I’d been gone less than an hour and achieved so much.  I’d arrived back in record time without speeding or rushing.

The message started to quickly take shape in my head. The day I felt rushed and like I was running out of time, I had less time than ever before.  The day I felt amazing and enjoying life, the slower time seemed to travel and the happier I was.  There was no frustration, crazy drivers going half the speed limit or accidents. I had lovely little conversations with the people I came across from the checkout lady to the old man who held the door open for me.  Everywhere all I saw was happiness and joy.

So you can see, even in the most basic things, we do manifest what we are feeling.  So decide, what do you wish to feel today? If you wish to feel joy in your heart, then look for the joy in your life. If you wish to feel calm and at peace, then count the blessings which surround you. You are the creator of your life.  What life do you choose?