About Rebecca

About Rebecca

Hi, I’m Rebecca French….and I’m here to guide you out from under the weight of your past into a freer, lighter way of being. The conditions of the past aren’t always ideal, but that doesn’t mean they have to define your present or future. By healing from what once was, the opportunity to embrace what is and always has been comes to the surface – the truth of who you really are within. I work with people of all ages and backgrounds;

I’m especially passionate about:

• assisting women who, like myself, have experienced abuse or abusive relationships in their past

• supporting women who are looking for assistance with infertility, miscarriages or difficult pregnancies (while I can’t promise fertility as each person’s journey and body is so unique, I can promise you will feel more in touch with your body and be able to make peace with your past)

• assisting children and teenagers to be more comfortable in their own skin. From highly sensitive and empathic children to teens with social anxiety or depression, everyone deserves to be happy and feel whole in this lifetime. I work with a combination of distance energy healings (Intuitive Energy Healing for Kids), mindfulness and meditation techniques to give children tools to help themselves long term.





Why Work With Me?

I do energy healing with my spirit team, which means I connect to personalized healing guidance for each and every session. This work is about clearing the way for energetic shifts to occur naturally. My intuitive healings are transformative and my reports provide information and recommendations which are personalized to your needs. You don’t need to take my word for it, check out the testimonials to see what others have to say.

How did I become a channel for Divine healing energy?

Well, to be honest, first I went through a lot of trials and tribulations. I suffered from depression and anxiety. I was in abusive relationships from boyfriends to a boss that bullied me to tears. I felt lost and looked for comfort and validation in places that caused more problems, not less.

My life has been a journey of awakening. Looking back, I can see how there were moments in my life which led me closer to discovering who I really was inside. I worked with a craniosacral therapist
who helped me to start peeling away the layers of blockages and walls I had put up, thinking I was protecting myself, when what I was really doing was hiding from the real me. I was part of a church that told me how to live my life, everything from what to wear to who I could be friends with and worst of all, what I should believe. I wasn’t sure how to escape from my indoctrination and find my real self. My craniosacral therapist helped me to start seeing the truth within.

I then followed my heart and attended a meditation retreat near my home. After asking a lot of questions and looking for answers, I found the support I needed every step of the way. Slowly, I began to release the walls I had built up and find the real me inside. It’s a long story that I hope to share with you all one day, but the end result is what really matters here.

I took courses in metaphysics, crystal healing, reiki and meditation and through it all, I learned how to get in touch with and follow my intuition. Then the magic started to happen. I was guided to heal people and the results were unbelievable, even to me! Slowly but surely, with the help of some beautiful angelic support, I began to trust in my innate healing abilities. As I learned to work with my healing team of angels and guides, my healing team grew to include ascended masters and guides and my confidence soared. This led to more unfolding and the “A Year of Healing” channelled meditation course was created. I went from thinking I had to have all the answers when assisting others to tapping into my abilities of channelling and intuitive guidance to show others the way.

We all have the ability to listen to our intuition and we all have our own gifts to offer the world. It’s time to let go of our fears and step forward into our amazing role to assist the earth in shining with love and light.

Won’t you join me?