A Year of Healing


A Year of Healing

Channelled by Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, this course contains everything you need to connect to the truth of who you really are

“Self-Care is a Divine Responsibility.” Danielle LaPorte


Are you putting your self-care as a first priority?

We are all going through a time of increased consciousness, a shift in awareness. With this increased awareness comes a change in our physical bodies, our lives and our relationships. These changes can be amazing and sometimes they can be very challenging. I don’ t know about you, but I’ m happy to accept all the angelic and spirit guide help that I can get! What about you? Are you looking for more support for your physical body, mind and soul?

The angels and guides are ready and waiting to support us.

They wish to share information, tools, awakening codes and frequencies with us. Are you ready to hear what they have to say? Are you ready to open up and feel the peace and clarity that come with trusting this process?

If your answer is ‘ yes,’ then you are ready for this meditation course.

It’ s time to raise our awareness and bring more love to the earth.

In this course, the archangels and spirit guides will speak directly to you.

You may feel shifts in your body as you listen to them. You will feel different, you will connect to your higher self, and you will not feel like the same person at the end of the year. You will raise your energy and attune to a higher Source of energy, love and light.

You will become ready to live your life purpose with ease and grace!


“There are so many things I love about these meditations – they are direct yet gentle, loving yet challenging, and through it all Rebecca is an authentic, honest, and supportive guide.”



• A channelled healing meditation which includes activations, energy clearings and information about awakening consciousness and so much more. Listen as many times as your intuition guides you.

• A weekly healing mantra and photo which correlate to the meditation.

• A channelled message from my Spirit team (which includes archangels, ascended masters and shamans) to assist you in healing and connecting with the amazing person that you are within.

• All of the above sent directly to your email once a week for 52 weeks straight.


“Thank you. I am very touched by the work you do with this group. I am not sure how far along the spiritual path the other members are, but for me I am just starting this journey, that I do not know where it leads yet. By you being here for us, and that it is part of your work given by Spirit, really means so much. Because I do not think I deserve many things but you make me feel deserving of this group and experience…THANK YOU!!!”


All this for just US$555 for lifetime membership*


As part of the “A Year of Healing” tribe, you’ll also have access to:

1. A private Facebook group where you can share your experiences, ask questions and gain even more intuitive support from my spirit team and I, at no extra cost

2. Discounts on my healing services and special offers as well as occasional free intuitive cardreadings within the private FB group.

Purchase now and start receiving your meditations right away!

* If paid up front.  You may also chose to pay $185 for three monthly instalments; contact us for more information and to sign up.



A Year of Healing – Year Two

If you have completed Year One of this beautiful, life- changing course and are ready to take things to the next level, please continue your journey by joining us in “A Year of Healing – Year 2”.


“I can’t believe how on point the meditations are every week. It’s exactly what I need to hear! I’m loving being in this energy.”